Microfluidic cartridge for MyCartis' EvaluationTM System

Following a brief from MyCartis, we developed a molded microfluidic assay cartridge fit for MyCartis’ EvalutionTM multiplex analysis platform to support a range of applications in the clinical research and pharmaceutical markets and designed to analyze a broad range of proteins and nucleic acids.

Customized detection vessel

Following a brief from Singulex, we developed a molded microtiter plate that has high optical transparency, high purity and low fluorescence, all critical properties required for achieving the ultrasensitivity of the Sgx ClarityTM System.

OPKO SangiaTM microfluidic test cassette

Following a brief from OPKO Diagnostics, a division of OPKO Health, we produce a key component of the OPKO SangiaTM microfluidic cassette to the ISO13485 quality standard.

DropPlate S, DropPlate D+

Following a brief from Trinean, we developed microfluidic consumables (DropPlate S, DropPlate D+) for Trinean's high throughput DropSenseTM 96 spectrometers and its DropSenseTM 16 Touch&Go sample QC analyser.





DropPlate S, DropPlate D+




DropSenseTM 16



DropSenseTM 96

RDT 1000 Sequence
Enrichment Chip

Following a brief from RainDance Technologies, we developed a state-of-the-art disposable polymer chip to target and amplify hundreds to thousands of specific regions of the genome using RainDance’s microdroplet-based PCR for subsequent sequencing.


First generation



Second generation


Following a brief by Shimadzu Biotech, we developed a kit for mass-spectrometry applications in life science and IVD, consisting of disposable polymeric single-use MALDI-MS disposables and a multi-instrument adapter.

Learn more about MALDI targets (click here)

Cell Sorting Chip

Following a brief of Sony Medical Business Unit, we developed a novel cell sorting chip for Sony's new generation of advanced cell sorting instrumentation system - the SH800.


Following a brief from Quanterix, we developed a state-of-the-art array containing over 200,000 femtoliter-sized wells and integrated microfluidics. This device is capable of automated detection of single molecules for life sciences and in-vitro diagnostics applications.

Coating of LED reflectors

Following a brief by Metal Plastics Putz (MPP), we automated the sputter coating of LED reflectors at high volumes including pre-assembly packaging.

hybcell technology

Following a brief by Anagnostics Bioanalysis,
we developed hybcell consumables for multiplex IVD assays on Anagnostics’ hyborg Dx instrumentation platform.

LabChip® XT

Following a brief from Caliper LifeSciences, we in collaboration with Caliper developed a polymer chip for  gel-electrophoresis DNA analysis and DNA fragment isolation consisting of a fluidic chip, electrodes and gaskets for interfacing with the instrument and caddy.

LFIRE™ Label Free Internal Reflection Ellipsometry Chip

Following a brief from Maven Biotechnologies, we collaborated with Maven to develop a high-precision polymer prism chip with optical coatings, built on their real-time imaging technology for label-free cell-based assays and
multiplexed biomarker detection.