STRATEC completes acquisition of Sony DADC BioSciences

Salzburg, Austria and Birkenfeld, Germany - July 1st, 2016STRATEC Biomedical AG, Birkenfeld, Germany (Frankfurt: SBS; Prime Standard, TecDAX) today announces the successful completion of the acquisition of Sony DADC BioSciences GmbH (“BioSciences”), a leading global OEM supplier of smart consumables for diagnostics, life sciences and medical technology applications (.pdf).

STRATEC signed an agreement to acquire the BioSciences business of Sony DADC

Salzburg, Austria and Birkenfeld, Germany - June 08th, 2016STRATEC Biomedical AG, Birkenfeld, Germany (Frankfurt: SBS; Prime Standard, TecDAX), today signed an agreement with Sony DADC Austria AG (”Sony DADC”), based in Anif/Salzburg, Austria, to acquire all of the shares of its BioSciences business, Sony DADC BioSciences GmbH (”Sony DADC BioSciences”), which is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Sony DADC. The acquisition is expected to be completed by the end of the third quarter 2016 (.pdf).

Pflaster statt Spritze

Profil, Oktober 2016: Einfache und schmerzfreie Therapie durch mikroskopisch kleine Nadeln

Molecular and cellular probes

Intact cell/intact spore mass spectrometry (IC/ISMS) on polymerbased, nano-coated disposable targets

S. Bugovsky, W. Winkler, W. Balika, M. Koranda, G. Allmaier

Salzburg, Vienna, Austria, November 2nd, 2013: Identification and differentiation of microorganisms has and still is a long arduous task, involving culturing of the organism in question on different growth media. This procedure, which is still commonly applied, is an established method, but takes a lot of time, up to several days or even longer. It has thus been a great achievement when other analytical tools like matrix-assisted laser desorption/ionization (MALDI) mass spectrometry were introduced for faster analysis based on the surface protein pattern... (download PDF)

Computer Science:

Automated quality inspection of microfluidic chips using morphologic techniques.

T. Schwarzbauer, M. Welk, C. Mayrhofer, R. Schubert

Salzburg, Austria, May 23rd, 2013: We apply morphological image processing for quality inspection of microfluidic chips. Based on a comparison of measured topographies with design data, we provide a coherent solution to four central tasks in the quality assessment of injection moulded polymer devices: determination of channel depth, identification of burrs, calculation of transcription accuracy, and detection of defective regions. Experimental comparison to manual quality inspection procedures demonstrates... (.pdf)

FEMS Microbiology letters:

Carnobacterium divergens – a dominating bacterium of pork meat juice.

G. Rieder, L. Krisch, H. Fischer, M. Kaufmann, A. Maringer and S. Wessler

Salzburg, Austria, accepted April 23rd, 2012: Nonspoiled food that nevertheless contains bacterial pathogens constitutes a much more serious health problem than spoiled food, as the consumer is not warned beforehand. However, data on the diversity of bacterial species in meat juice are rare. To study the bacterial load of fresh pork from ten different distributors, we applied a combination of the conventional culture-based and molecular methods for detecting and quantifying the microbial spectrum of fresh pork meat juice samples ... (.pdf)

Lab on a chip:

Isolation and detection of single molecules on paramagnetic beads using sequential fluid flows in microfabricated polymer array assemblies.

C. W. Kan, A. J. Rivnak, T. G. Campbell, T. Piech, D. M. Rissin, M. Mösl, A. Peterc, H.-P. Niederberger, K. A. Minnehan, P. P. Patel, E. P. Ferrell, R. E. Meyer, L. Chang, D. H. Wilson, D. R. Fourniera and D. C. Duffy

Received August 10th, 2011 - Accepted December 1st, 2011: We report a method for isolating individual paramagnetic beads in arrays of femtolitre-sized wells and detecting single enzyme-labeled proteins on these beads using sequential fluid flows in microfabricated polymer array assemblies. Arrays of femtolitre-sized wells were fabricated in cyclic olefin polymer (COP) using injection moulding based on DVD manufacturing. These arrays were bonded ... (.pdf)


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